Spice Market event themeWhen we were invited to theme “A Taste of Cultures” for NZ Red Cross, we decided to take our guests on a journey from the minute they walked in. A Taste of Cultures was all about celebrating refugee-based kiwis and the contribution they make in our communities. Our refugee-based whanau bring so much diversity and colour to our communities, and that was our first inspiration! We wanted to transport our guests to another world and immerse them in the personal stories of the former refugees on the evening.

We created a full sensory experience with the concept of a spice market. We added lamps, bright coloured materials, and even fresh spices on the table to add some divine smells to the room! We added stage space for the amazing entertainers and arranged a beautiful, themed table full of auction items to add some extra excitement.

We reckon the key to great theming is to create a full sensory experience. Sight, sound, smell, taste, feel. Silk on the tables and food inspired by traditional recipes from refugee families added the final touch.

Thank you to the Red Cross for inviting us to sponsor theming for this event. We’d love to be involved in more journeys like this one!


Watch the video of the evening here: