Virtual Reality theming

Virtual Reality theming

Virtual reality event theming


Virtual Reality is one of those exciting techy things that’s becoming more and more relevant for us, especially in the pandemic! We decided to style some mini event themes and film them in VR so our industry partners, clients, and visitors to go on a virtual tour at MEETINGS tradeshow this year. That way, they could immerse themselves in a walk-through of some of our different event themes right there at the stand.

Take a peek at the VR themed rooms here! Click the dots to move, and drag your mouse around to see different angles.

In the VR walkthrough:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Hollywood
  • Monopoly
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Arabian Nights

We had a blast building a room full of different themes for the VR walkthrough to be filmed.

Let us know if you’re interested in using any of these theme ideas to bring the room to life at your next event!

Take a look at some of our real world event themes here.

A Taste of Cultures

A Taste of Cultures

Spice Market event themeWhen we were invited to theme “A Taste of Cultures” for NZ Red Cross, we decided to take our guests on a journey from the minute they walked in. A Taste of Cultures was all about celebrating refugee-based kiwis and the contribution they make in our communities. Our refugee-based whanau bring so much diversity and colour to our communities, and that was our first inspiration! We wanted to transport our guests to another world and immerse them in the personal stories of the former refugees on the evening.

We created a full sensory experience with the concept of a spice market. We added lamps, bright coloured materials, and even fresh spices on the table to add some divine smells to the room! We added stage space for the amazing entertainers and arranged a beautiful, themed table full of auction items to add some extra excitement.

We reckon the key to great theming is to create a full sensory experience. Sight, sound, smell, taste, feel. Silk on the tables and food inspired by traditional recipes from refugee families added the final touch.

Thank you to the Red Cross for inviting us to sponsor theming for this event. We’d love to be involved in more journeys like this one!


Watch the video of the evening here:

Change on the Horizon for Rotorua-based Activities & Events Unlimited

Change on the Horizon for Rotorua-based Activities & Events Unlimited

Activities & Events Unlimited have today announced new additions to their team, new Owner Deb Gee and Events Manager Daniela Olphert. After 30 years of successful events throughout New Zealand and the Pacific, the company felt the need for a breath of fresh air. The change will see current Activities & Events Unlimited staff stay on, with Deb and Daniela joining the team in their existing office.

Deb, also director of HPCE, has been working in the events industry for more than 16 years. She was born and bred in Rotorua and, after years of working in Australia and internationally, she is excited to be back on her home turf for the last 3 years. Her ethos is understanding the ‘why’ behind each event, as part of a wider picture, and creating the perfect solution for each client. She sees Activities & Events Unlimited as a key player in the events industry she is so passionate about, which has seen better times than the previous year. Her goal is to work on the big picture, improve digital presence, and expand the business, relying on the existing team to continue their successful operations day-to-day.

Daniela also brings a wealth of experience to the team, having worked in the events industry and with Deb for many years. She is particularly skilled at creative problem solving and attention to detail, ensuring each event is unique and engaging. Daniela says: “I absolutely love theming, so when Deb floated the idea of purchasing Activities & Events Unlimited, I was totally on board! This is an exciting opportunity to get even more creative in my job and I’m looking forward to working with Ian and Maddy to create some really memorable events for our clients”.

Previous owner Ian Mexted-Dykes says about the change: “I’m so excited for Deb to take the reins, with her wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. Her professionalism and incredible enthusiasm will be a great fit for our team and just what we need to take our business to the next level. She’s a highly motivated young woman, and it’s so nice for her to be able to come back to her hometown in Rotorua to run a business here. It’s full steam ahead!”. He will be happily staying on with Deb and the existing Activities & Events Unlimited staff.

Maddy, a core member of staff at Activities & Events Unlimited, has also expressed her excitement for the change ahead, saying: “This is such an exciting change for our company. Deb and Daniela are both so creative and enthusiastic; even in the short period we’ve worked together, the change in pace and style of our day-to-day work has just been epic. I’m so happy to be learning from Deb and her knowledgeable team of businesswomen, and to see where the company goes from here!”

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the events industry, but that hasn’t stopped Deb. She explains her move despite having been through some uncertain times: “Business is all about taking risks and believing in your projects. Activities & Events Unlimited has been hugely successful over the past 30 years, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to see where we can take it in the next 30”.