Corporate events don’t always have to follow a strict or serious formula. In fact, they can serve as a blank canvas for bringing your creative ideas to life! Together, let’s explore some exciting theme ideas that can work like magic to transform your corporate gathering from mundane to marvellous. 


Creating Memorable Corporate Experiences 

A well-styled corporate event makes a significant impact, leaving lasting impressions. But what exactly defines a well-styled event? It’s the fusion of event styling and themes that create a unique event experience. 

When creativity meets the world of theming, the possibilities are endless! 

Now, you might be wondering, what’s the advantage of including a theme in your corporate event? Well, it’s not solely about having fun; there are other benefits. Themed events bring people together, providing everyone with a shared experience that a typical event simply can’t replicate. 

The Art of Event Theming 

Much like a skilled artist paints a canvas or a sculptor shapes clay, event theming is an art form! Here at Activities and Events Unlimited, we embrace event theming as a creative endeavour. 

The possibilities for event themes are only confined to your imagination. While there’s a common misconception that corporate event themes must tightly align with branding, we’re here to challenge that! Yes, themes can harmonise with your brand, but they can also transcend it, opening doors to unconventional, out-of-the-box ideas that enhance the overall event experience. 

With this vast array of corporate event theme options, we understand if choosing one feels a bit overwhelming. That’s where we step in. We’re here to guide you through the process of establishing a theme, showcasing a line up of creative corporate event theme ideas for 2023. 


Our Top 5 Trending Event Themes for 2023 

 Let’s explore some event themes that have been in high demand this year and are currently trending in corporate circles.  

One stand out feature is glitz and glamour. When organising your corporate gathering, it’s worth considering a glamorous theme, as it provides an opportunity for everyone to dress up and dazzle. Let’s take a closer look as we explore the top themes.


1. Celebrating Native New Zealand 

A Native New Zealand corporate event theme is a captivating journey that immerses attendees in the indigenous culture and natural beauty of New Zealand. It’s a choice that resonates with organisations committed to sustainability, as it embraces natural materials and native flora, showcasing Aotearoa’s unique beauty.  

Māori tribal face carving


2. Stepping Back to the Great Gatsby Era 

A Gatsby-themed corporate event is a journey back to the captivating world of the 1920s. It’s an experience filled with luxury, elegance, and a touch of nostalgia. Dressing in the style of the Roaring Twenties elevates the glamour and shared experience. 


3. Embracing the Elegance: A Moulin Rouge-Inspired Corporate Event  

A Moulin Rouge-themed corporate event is a dazzling and glamorous affair that transports attendees to the world of 19th-century Parisian cabaret, offering an unforgettable and immersive experience. 

4. “Back to the Future”: A Nostalgic Movie-Themed Event 

There’s nothing quite like a movie-themed event, especially when it evokes nostalgia. “Back to the Future” is an incredible theme to take your event back in time. The venue transforms into iconic movie settings, and guests dress to fit the era. Enjoy themed food, trivia, and live music. 


5. Casino-Themed Corporate Magic 

Step into a world of excitement with a casino-themed corporate event. Think gaming tables, personalised chips, entertainment, cocktails, gourmet dining, prizes, networking, and photo opportunities.

Looking for More Inspiration? 

Explore our gallery of past themes by clicking this link. And guess what? If you have a unique theme in mind that we haven’t tackled before, we’re up for the challenge! 


Tips for Choosing a Theme 

Planning corporate events takes an exciting turn when you embrace themed experiences. Just because it’s business-related doesn’t mean you can’t be imaginative. 

Boost participation and engagement by aligning your event with trending topics. Whether it’s inspired by a popular movie, current pop culture, or a national holiday, a trendy theme can swiftly elevate the atmosphere. 


Event Styling 

So, you’ve made your choice regarding your corporate event’s theme. What’s the next step? Let’s dive into the realm of event styling. Event styling is the art of seamlessly integrating your chosen theme into every aspect of your event. 

From lighting to props and corporate event centerpieces, every element of your event styling will align with and enhance your chosen theme. Visual elements, such as stage setup and design, all contribute to the impact of your event styling. Even if you choose a fun theme for your event, you can still add elements of your company branding in a creative way.


Bringing the Vision to Life 

Feeling overwhelmed by corporate event planning? Let us introduce Higher Perspective Conferences & Events (HPCE), our partner for large-scale events. Our collaborative approach means HPCE handles the event management and logistics, leaving us free to focus on the exciting theming and styling elements. 


Leaving a Lasting Impression 

With a comprehensive approach to event planning and a dash of creativity, you’re destined to leave a lasting impression with your corporate event.  

Ready to turn your corporate event into a memorable masterpiece? Contact us today to explore the possibilities and bring your creative vision to life. 


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