Welcome function, Conference, Gala Awards Dinner and a Tradeshow themed for one event!
The design and staging of the National Māori Housing Conference (NMHC) in Rotorua at the Energy Events Centre was a busy one but a great chance for our fantastic team to showcase what we can do, and it was nice to work locally in Rotorua.
The exhibition area, conference room, media room, stage, welcome function, working dinner and gala awards dinner were all included in our brief. The theme of the conference was Pā Living and for the gala awards dinner the theme was a Starry Night.
Archived photos on Pā living were showcased from local sources along with manuka fencing, greenery and centrepieces for the bar leaners in the exhibition area. The conference room was designed with a white stage, modern furniture for panel sessions, native plants, and our audiovisual supplier Vidcom created a neon light replica of the NMHC logo on stage. The Gala Awards Dinner included graphics projected onto clouds hung from the ceiling and fairy light chandeliers. The team built a Waharoa backdrop and used natives with a pop of sparkle for the centrepieces. We hired the Waharoa from Rotorua NZ, which was originally custom-built by our team as a tradeshow stand.
The stand-out moment was watching the client’s faces light up when they saw their logo in LED on stage.
To find out more about the conference, visit the NMHC website here.